What’s in my makeup bag?


Hey everyone!! I am back with another post. I hope everyone has been enjoying their week so far.

Today’s post is about all the essentials that I have in my makeup bag.  This is the makeup bag that I carry in my purse on a daily basis. Not only do I carry my makeup essentials in here, I also have non-makeup necessities as well.


A great chap-stick is important to have especially during the winter. I have been using Carmax. I must admit I like the tingling sensation (it makes me feel like its working lol).

Along with a great chap-stick, a great hand lotion is also important! I am using the esos hand lotion that I purchased at Target.

I keep hand sanitizer in there too. I have to keep my hands clean and working with kids, that is a must.

I have Powder in here because I am very oily. I have to powder throughout the day.  This one is from Mac Cosmetics.

My eyes get dry often, so I keep some eyedrops with me. Rohto Ice is awesome.

I have body spray with me for days that I forget to put some on at home. Currently, I am using Country Chic from Bath and Body Works.

I received an eye-shadow kit from AVON that I keep with me. It’s great for my bag because the colors are neutral.

I got mini Makeup Forever Lipstick (Rouge), mascara, and eye liner from Sephora. They are great for keeping in my bag for those days I am running late.

I Keep Covergirl Queen Collection Ligloss (Spiced Latte) along with Milani Lipstick and lipliner in my bag too.

Lastly, I keep Q-tips, nail file, nail clippers, pencil sharpener, and Shout Wipes with me.


What do you all keep in your makeup bags? Comment below.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

-Ra Caiya



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