OOTD: Mixing it up…

Plaid and Stripes:

plaidootdBlanket Scarf: Target

Leather Jacket: Forever21

Striped Shirt: Jcrew (no longer available but I like this one here and here



Shoes:Jordan Retro 10s

Jeans: Target

This weather here in Louisville has been up and down. These past few days, it has started out really cold, but by the time we school is out, it’s  in the mid to upper 50’s.

Today was a casual day for me. I have been giving tests to students throughout the school, so I wanted to be as comfortable as possible. This is my OOTD; I hope you enjoy 🙂

until next time….


Ra Caiya

Fashionably Educated Mom


What’s in my purse…

Hi everyone! I have seen these type of posts around in the blogging world and the Youtube world as well. I thought that I would give it whirl. I normally carry a large purse, because I have a lot of things to tote around (especially with two boys and a niece).

side note: My purse is always neat; that’s just the type of person I am. It does get a little messy, but I am always trying to clean it out.


The  blue and white polka dot glass case is from the Dollar General. I only paid $3 for it. The glasses that I keep in there are from Ross ($8).

My studded fringed wallet and purse are from forever 21. I love the style but  am currently looking for a wallet can can hold more. Unfortunately, they are no longer available.

I keep a fan with me for those hot days. I also purchased this from the Dollar General.

The leopard bag hold varies things such as medicine, lotion, pens, etc.

I have to have gum or mints with me at all times!

I am a mommy, so I always find items that belong to my kiddos in my purse. That’s why you see a diaper, fruit snacks, and toys within my goodies. Sometimes, I don’t want to carry another bag, so I stick their things in my purse.


Last but not least, I keep my planners with me as well. Yes planners- more than one. I try to be as organized as possible so these planners help me a great deal. The large black one is used for everyday life (appointments, events,to-do list,etc) and the small gold one is for my blog.

So there you have it! Hope you enjoyed this post. So what do you keep in your purse. Comment below!!!!

-Ra Caiya


OOTD: Inspired by Sienna Miller

Hey everyone! Today’s look was inspired by the beautiful actress Sienna Miller. I was reading through the November issue of InStyle and came upon this photo.


This look is stylish and every woman can pull it off. The blazer is tailored to her body and the pumps are classic. The animal print shirt gives the outfit a little bit of edge. Overall, this outfit is amazing so I had to recreate it for myself.







Blazer: Express

Shirt: Forever21

Jeans: Express

Shoes:Shoe Dept. (No longer available)

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Ra Caiya


MOTD and How to Pull off a Floppy Hat…





Floppy hats are one of the signature pieces for the fall. You can find them in every fashion magazine, blogs, or stores. I am loving mine that I purchased at Forever21! I have one in Black and one that is Maroon (posted above).

Everyone can wear one; its just how you do it successfully. Here are some tips to make sure you call this signature look with style:

  1. Make sure you have the correct fit. Make sure that the hat hits snug without it being tight that it’s uncomfortable. Also, make sure that it fits you because there are various sizes.
  2. Make it your own. Add some embellishments, flowers, etc. Be creative. Have fun. You can even be classic and keep it plain and simple.
  3. Have to the correct material. Floppy hats come in various types of material, so make sure you pick the correct one for the season.




I was at home with a sick kiddo today, so I didn’t get to put on anything cute, I did, however play in some makeup during naptime 🙂

Lips: Milani in Sangria and Wet n Wild

Face: Cover girl Powder and Foundation Oil Control in Tawny

Blush: Wet n wild in Mellow Blush

Eyeliner: Loreal

Mascara: Mayebelline Rocket Volum’ Express

Highlighter: Milani Illuminating powder

Eyeshadow: BH Cosmetics Take me to Brazil

Have a great day!

-Ra Caiya

OOTD: Teacher Edition, Quote of the Week, and Blogger of the Week





Shoes: Target

Purse: Forever21

Jeans: Target

Sweater: Forever21

Hey Guys! Hope everyone had a great start on their week; I know most people dread Mondays! Here’s my OOTD, and my Quote of the Week, and my Favorite Blogger of the Week.

Arielle, the creator of the blog, With All My Affection, is my first Blogger of the Week. She is from Montreal and she enjoys blogging about her love for food, fashion, beauty, and travel. She started her blog November 2013 and I must say it is a great blog. Make sure to stop by her blog and subscribe.


I found this quote and I absolutely love it! Beauty is more than what’s on the outside. What’s on the inside is just as important and I feel this quote says it all.


Have a great day!

-Ra Caiya

OOTD: Black Cardigan Saturday October 10, 2015




IMG_4410 IMG_4416

IMG_4429 IMG_4435

IMG_4440 IMG_4442 IMG_4446

Hello everyone!!!! Hope everyone had a great Saturday! Here’s my OOTD. Hope you enjoy and please subscribe to my blog for more postings on fashion and other lifestyle topics 🙂

-Ra Caiya

Purse: Justfab

Cardigan: Target  

Dress: Target

Leggings: Wetseal

Booties Shoedazzle

Belt and hat: Forever21